General Terms

Terms and conditions Jambroes B.V.

Our Sales Assistants:
Jambroes b.v.’s Sales Assistants are Old Timer enthusiasts, not trained technicians in this field. As a result, errors may be made during vocal or written communication. We accept no liability for such errors. After all, it’s not possible for our Sales Assistants to know everything.

For specialised and/or technical explanations, we recommend the workshop manuals. We can supply them from stock.

Returnable deposits on parts:
All sales by Jambroes b.v., whereby the old parts have to be exchanged, are subject to the following conditions:

  • The article to be exchanged has to be identical to the article to be supplied, unless agreed otherwise with Jambroes b.v.
  • The article to be exchanged has to be delivered to us in clean and dry condition, i.e. free of oil and grease.
  • If Jambroes b.v. sends the article to be supplied to you in its original packaging, you are to return the article to be exchanged in the same packaging. The article to be exchanged is to be returned to Jambroes b.v. free of charge.
  • In all cases, you have to be able to present a copy of the invoice or send one along with the packaging.

Only in the above-mentioned cases can Jambroes b.v. return your deposit. As soon as you or a third party has dismantled the part, Jambroes b.v. is no longer liable.

Jambroes b.v. delivers the goods cash on delivery to your door. The articles, transport or handling costs included have to be paid by you to the postman on delivery.

Receipt of goods:
On receipt of the packages sent to you by Jambroes b.v., you are to check directly whether seals and/or adhesive tape are intact and the package undamaged. If not, make a note of it on the delivery note in accordance with the actual condition and quantity of the contents of the consignment BEFORE YOU SIGN THE RECEIPT! Save your copy with your invoice and submit a complaint to the transport firm at once. Save your packaging until everything has been settled. Jambroes b.v. sees to it that the articles you have ordered are double-checked, once when dispatching the order and a second time when packaging the goods, in order to prevent mistakes from being made. The final check is your responsibility as the client. You should take care of this final check personally. Check whether you have received all articles invoiced and whether they are mechanically sound. Do not wait until you actually need them before checking. Jambroes b.v. is to be notified of any problems within three days from receipt.

If a warranty applies to the articles you have purchased, then the warranty period shall commence on the invoice date. Jambroes b.v. is granted exemption from its warranty obligations if:

  • You, or a third party, have dismantled the article/part.
  • You, or a third party, have had work done or done work by yourself on the article/part without permission from Jambroes b.v.
  • You, or a third party, have not used the article/part for its intended purpose.
  • You, or a third party, have processed the article/part in an obviously unprofessional manner.

Automotive electronics cannot be exchanged.

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